A workplace champion has the skills and competences to hold a conversation around employee mental health and suicide. Champions use ongoing tools to support staff within the workplace to have good mental health at work. 


Here at Rotherham and Barnsley Mind we have trained over 600 workplace champions within the last 2 years, making this one of our most popular training offers. 


Skills for Managers – 1 Day

This training focuses on practical suggestions and tools and is useful for anyone who manages or supports staff with mental health difficulties.

This course includes:

  • Why do we need mental health awareness in the workplace?
  • Skills and confidence to facilitate a conversation with employees around their well being. 
  • Tools to facilitate ongoing support for employees through for example: work place action plans 
Mental Health Awareness Course Duration – 4 Hours

Useful for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge on mental health and covers a range of topics including diagnoses and treatments.

Bespoke Training

We provide bespoke workplace training.

This includes:

  • Working from home
  • Stress
  • Balancing work and life priorities
  • Staying mentally healthy whilst working from home
Contact Information

For your training needs or to create a bespoke training package specific to your needs, please email us at [email protected].

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