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Menopause is not just about hot flushes and forgetfulness. There are a whole host of physical, and emotional symptoms that come along with this stage of life.

What is Menopause

Menopause itself marks the day one year after your last period. However, symptoms due to the fluctuation and lowering of hormone levels can start many years before menstruation ends, and this is known as peri-menopause.

Around 80% of people going through this stage of life report noticeable symptoms, and just under half of those say their symptoms are hard to deal with.

Menopause and mental health

The physical symptoms of this transition time can be hard to deal with, and have an impact on someone’s mental health. Lack of sleep can be a huge issue, lowering resilience and making it hard to manage day to day challenges.

Symptoms such as memory loss and brain fog can also impact on mental health – leading to increased anxiety, stress and lowering confidence.

Additionally, this time of life can see added stresses such as increased caring responsibilities for older relatives, teenage children, and may also tie in with increased stresses at work too.

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