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Peer Support in the Workplace

Peer support is an effective way in which employees can manage their wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.

By ‘peer support’ we mean employee’s offering support to one another in a mutual space in the workplace. Peer support enables employees to talk to others who have a shared experience. We can apply our peer support model to workplaces to meet individual organisational (and employee) support needs; our sessions are facilitated by our trained experts with lived experience of mental health.

Benefits of our peer support model in the workplace include:

  • Creating a platform to offer mutual support and understanding for employees
  • Increased employee resilience, improved working environments and can therefore help reduce sickness absence

Organisations and employees can continue their own peer support groups independently (or with flexible support) after our initial training has taken place.

What we offer

We have many years of experience in developing and delivering peer support and are recognised locally and nationally as leaders in this field.

We offer a range of training and support to help organisations develop and sustain peer support which include.

  • Consultancy for organisations in the development and implementation of peer support
  • Training for employees in how to establish a peer support group or network.
  • Facilitation of the peer support group or network, if desired.
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